Macro turn off screenupdating

Screen Updating = False If Not Is Object(SAPgui App) Then Set SAPgui App = Create Object("Sapgui. Text = "ksb1" By Id("wnd[0]")VKey 0 By Id("wnd[1]/usr/sub: SAPLSPO00/ctxt SVALD-VALUE[0,21]").

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I asked my coworker how long this normally takes her (because it is a horribly written macro that was hacked together) and she said about 15-20 seconds...hardly noticeable she says. Easy enough to fix though, just go to your Immediate window and turn Screen Updating to true.

I have created an excel macro which gets into SAP system, enters to a transaction, chooses a variant, it downloads it to my computer and then it makes some changes to the file.

Text = "\\ARZFP0101\Data\EMP\FINANCE TEAM\Control\2014-02" By Id("wnd[1]/usr/ctxt DY_FILENAME"). XLS" By Id("wnd[1]/usr/ctxt DY_FILENAME").caret Position = 3 By Id("wnd[1]/tbar[0]/btn[0]").press Workbooks.

Open Filename:="\\ARZFP0101\Data\EMP\FINANCE TEAM\Control\2014-02\GMP.xls" Range("1:3,5:5").

A recent example: My coworker uses a macro to open a sheet, searches through that sheet and activates the found cell, look at it's offset and determines if it meets criteria.

If the criteria is met, then 4 arrays are filled in all using and it does this for 24 rows.

How can you turn off the flashing screen during macro execution ?

I used this function about 7 years ago and it prevented the user from seeing a bunch of activity while the macro ran.

This spreadsheet that is open though has along the lines of 60,000 rows (good thing we are on 64 bit machines! There is no harm in turning Screen Updating off from my experience.

), thus finding your cell on row 1000, and activating every cell between there and 55,000 when yor criteria is met, requires a lot of calculation from Excel. It only becomes an issue if your code errors out and you end the run (since updating is false, you can't click on the cells).

I always turn off screen updating when I run a macro that does more than look at one cells value and return it.

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