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These are among the easiest inserts to pull in the product, falling 1:4 hobby packs.

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Select cards in 1983 Topps Baseball, MLB Awards and Topps Salute have autograph cards.

1983 autograph parallels come in Black (/99 or less), Gold (/50 or less), hobby-exclusive Red (/25 or less), and the hobby- and hobby jumbo-only Platinum (1/1).

MLB Awards (1:8) delves into the top players from the past season, highlighting the MVPs, Cy Young Award winners, Rookie of the Year recipients and other categories like Silver Slugger and Gold Glove honorees.

Topps Salute inserts are back, albeit with a new design that, like the base set, doesn’t have much in the way of borders.

Negative and Black (/67) cards are in hobby and hobby jumbo packs.

Regular hobby packs are the only place to find Clear cards, a partial parallel set of 100 cards with each numbered to 10. As usual, collectors can also hunt for 2018 Topps Baseball variations.These also have relic and autographed relic versions that are also numbered and have the same parallels. Only found in hobby and hobby jumbo packs, these are autographed patch cards done in a more high-end style than is typical for the flagship product.Gold (/5) and Platinum (1/1) are the lone parallels.Sketch cards are randomly inserted in 2018 Topps Series 1 Baseball. Given their unique nature, all are considered one-of-a-kind.Sketch cards are hobby and hobby jumbo exclusives and not slated for retail packs.These come in two levels: short prints and rookie-themed super short prints.

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