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But Lubitch said the commandment became a practice that could be used against women by forcing them to marry against their will. Although less common than in the past, there continue to be stories of men who have no intention of marrying their brothers’ widows but extort money from them in return for their freedom.

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Although Jewish law requires all widows in this position to do halitza, some cases fall through the cracks and the ceremony isn’t performed, said Rivka Lubitch, a rabbinical court advocate whose articles often challenge the rabbinic status quo.

Rare as it is, halitza continues to evoke feelings of helplessness in the women it touches.

When Sarah presented the registrar with her late husband’s death certificate, he asked if her deceased husband had any children.

When she said no, he asked whether her late husband had any brothers. "Then you need to do the halitza ceremony," the registrar told her, she said.

Most of them mention their shrinks at some point early on in the conversation.

My understanding of dating sites is that most people want something more immediate than “premier.” I was on J-Date for a while and I chatted with a few guys.

The last guy I dated reeled off a litany of complaints then justified his tirade with, “my shrink does not want me to feel resentful.” I did not see him again.

JERUSALEM (WOMENSENEWS)–Sarah (a pseudonym), was in her mid-20s when her husband died in an accident.

When the brother was located, he turned out to be diabetic and his legs had been amputated.

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