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So whether you're looking for a Jewish woman in New York or a Jewish man in Los Angeles, your someone special could be right around the corner.To begin your e Harmony experience, register now and complete your Relationship Questionnaire.Unfortunately, none of those synagogues have been preserved.

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The Classic Period The Christian Empire The Middle Ages The Renaissance The Jewish Ghetto Late 19th-Early 20th Century Rome During World War II Rome Today Jewish Tourist Sites Former Jewish Cemetery of Rome Jewish Museum of Rome The Jewish community in Rome is known to be the oldest Jewish community in Europe and also one the oldest continuous Jewish settlements in the world, dating back to 161 B. Other delegations were sent by the Hasmonean rulers in 150 and 139 B. Julius Caesar, for example, was known to be a friend of the Jews; he allowed them to settle anywhere in the Roman Empire. The second exile occurred because of disturbances caused by the rise of Christianity.

when Jason ben Eleazar and Eupolemus ben Johanan came as envoys of Judah Maccabee. While the treatment of Jews by the Romans in Palestine was often harsh, relations with the rulers in Rome were generally much better. The first exile took place due to the defrauding of an aristocratic Roman woman Fulvia, who had been attracted to Judaism.

Satiric poets of the time, such as Juvenal and Martial, depicted the raucous activities of the Jewish peddlers and beggars in their poetry.

Evidence has been found that twelve synagogues were functioning during this period (although not at the same time).

Many of those who visited Rome stayed and the Jewish population began to grow.

E., Jewish prisoners of war were brought to Rome as slaves, Jewish delegates came to Rome on diplomatic missions and Jewish merchants traveled to Rome seeking business opportunities.

Jewish synagogues were destroyed by Christian mobs in 387-388 and in 493-526 (during the reign of Theodoric).

When Rome was captured by Vandals in 455, spoils of the Jerusalem Temple were taken to Africa.

According to historians, when Caesar was assassinated by Brutus in 44 B. E., Roman Jews spent day and night at Caesar’s tomb, weeping over his death. Twice in the Classic period, Jews were exiled from Rome, in 19 C. It is not certain, though, that these measures were fully carried out or that the period of exile lasted a long time.

His successor, Augustus, also acted favorably toward the Jews and even scheduled his grain distribution so that it would not interfere with the Jewish Sabbath. During the Roman-Jewish wars in Palestine in 66-73 and 132-135, Jewish prisoners of war were brought to Rome as slaves.

Once Christianity became the official religion of the Roman Empire, emperors further limited the civil and political rights of the Jews.

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