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To reduce the sense of cartoonishness inherent in this idea, the Intellectual Animal may speak without moving their mouth and/or talk in a normal, serious voice.

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Dupe bugs, because of the way they allow players to bypass the game economy, are usually very serious problems.

Means of duping are almost never intentionally given to players.

The game is a hybrid of Visual Novel and turn-based RPG where the player controls a team of up to 5 magical girls on a 3x3 grid, fighting off waves of familiars, witches, and other magical girls (also featured on a 3x3 grid).

In between battles, the player gets more of the story.

Often, they will be much smarter than the human they accompany. Compare Nearly Normal Animals, Funny Animals, Uplifted Animals and Civilized Animals. Homer: Let's see, "The steak was too..." Come on, help me out here.

Do not confuse this character type for the Team Pet or the Mascot. Kamihama is an unusual place, with large numbers of powerful witches, a magical girl who strengthens others for a price, and rumors becoming reality.The original cast finds themselves drawn into the city as well.Thanks also to contributors to this gaming terms glossary!| Game Names | Business Terms | | Leet Speak | General Terms | Monster-Related | Combat-Related | | Internet Acronyms | Emoticons | Common Misspellings | Japanese | Note | (Use "Find" function to look up specific words) dupe bug, dupe: A way of duplicating items or money or other in-game assets.While the game is only in Japanese, much effort has been made to translate the plot into English.

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