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Furthermore, the International Bureau publishes any declaration made by a Contracting Party under the Acts or the Common Regulations on the WIPO website.If so requested by the Office of a Contracting Party, the International Bureau communicates to the Office the date on which each issue of the Bulletin is made available on the WIPO website.Publication of the takes place on the WIPO website.

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In addition, the time required to prepare each issue of the Bulletin has also been shortened to one week.

The general rule is that an international registration is published six months after the date of the international registration (refer to “Publication of the international registration”).

The publication cycle of the Bulletin can be broken down into two components: the frequency of publication and the time lag needed for the preparation of the Bulletin.

The frequency of publication is the number of times the Bulletin is issued in a given year.

Three months before the expiry of the period of deferment of publication, the International Bureau sends an unofficial reminder notice to the holder of the international registration as well as to the holder’s representative (if any), indicating the date by which the publication fee must be paid.

The reproductions submitted earlier than three months before the expiry of the period for paying the publication shall be recorded in the International Register, provided that those reproductions comply with the requirements under Rule 9(1) and (2).

The obligation to furnish the publication fee not later than three weeks prior to the expiry of the period of deferment applies also in the situation where the period of deferment is “considered to have expired”.

This relates to the situation under Article 11(4)(a) of the 1999 Act and Article 6(4)(b) of the 1960 Act where an applicant requests earlier publication than that already indicated in the request for deferment.

In addition, in the case of international applications governed exclusively by the 1999 Act, the submitting of reproductions may be provisionally replaced by specimens, provided that the industrial design is two-dimensional.

The rationale for permitting the furnishing of specimens instead of reproductions is the relieving of applicants of the higher costs of producing quality reproductions where, having requested deferment of publication, they may eventually decide not to proceed with publication (and protection) of the design.

Failure to pay the publication fee earlier than three weeks before the expiry of the period of deferment or failure to submit the reproductions earlier than three months before the expiry of the period for paying the publication fee results in the cancellation of the international registration.

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