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I am an American lexicographer for Oxford University Press in New York City. "Double-Tongued Word Wrester" comes from a citation in the online edition of the "Oxford English Dictionary", under the entry for "word", n.: 1571 - GOLDING - Calvin on Ps -. 3: This dubblehartednesse..maketh men dubble~tunged & woordwresters.

Article Id=22548&city=1 Lexicon XI bandwagoner | candy-boxer | cryday the 13th | engage-mint | fear goggling | flighty Aphrodite | hetox | kama-suture | love at first fight | poxes of chocolate | scamentine | Valenspammer (E? Special attention is paid to the lending and borrowing of words between the various Englishes and other languages, even where a word is not a fully naturalized citizen in its new language. ) Auf der "About"-Seite findet man noch eine Wortgeschichte zur Bezeichnung der Web-Site: What About That Weird Name?

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"Bafflegab" is incomprehensible or pretentious verbiage. It hit the newspapers and public notice on 19 January 1952, the day after a plaque was presented to its inventor to mark his creation of this invaluable word. It is a study that deals with the true root of Middle-earth - language.

(The citation is from the British Daily Telegraph, in case youre wondering why an American is using British spelling.) ...

Outside of Arthur Golding's work, I have not been able to find the two parts of the term "double-tongued" and "word wrester" together.

Outside of OUP, I am also editor of The Official Dictionary of Unofficial English (April 2006, Mc Graw-Hill) and vice president for communications and technology for the American Dialect Society. Grant Barrett, Editor and Administrator, Double-Tongued Word Wrester, May 2004, Revised October 2005 This is a daily email list. Five days a week you will receive a single message containing one or more dictionary entries, including definitions and some supporting information. These entries will have been posted to the web site on the previous day; to see the words without the 24-hour delay, visit the web site every day or subscribe to the RSS feed. To be "double-tongued" is to speak with a forked tongue, to be a liar and a deceiver, while a "word wrester" is one who picks and chooses his own interpretation of scripture in order to have it conform to his own lifestyle, rather than modifying his lifestyle according to the standard doctrine of his faith.

In my work for OUP, I am also the project editor for the Historical Dictionary of American Slang and editor of The Oxford Dictionary of American Political Slang (2004). Anyone who studies theology will immediately note that to be called a "double-tongued word wrester" is not to be complimented.

This site is not sponsored by, affiliated with, nor otherwise related to Oxford University Press, which does not necessarily endorse, validate, nor approve its contents. It's a reference to Arthur Golding's translation of Calvin's commentary on the Psalms.

Alternately, you could take this site's odd name as a bit of my self-deprecation and just enjoy the words. ) Country: Afghanistan | Argentina | Australia | Austria | Bangladesh | Brazil | Cameroon | Canada | China | Congo | Cuba | Dominica | Dominican Republic | Ecuador | El Salvador | Equatorial Guinea | France | Germany | Ghana | Guyana | Haiti | Hong Kong | India | Indonesia | Iran | Iraq | Ireland | Israel | Italy | Jamaica | Japan | Kazakhstan | Kenya | Liberia | Malaysia | Malta | Mexico | Mozambique | Nepal | New Zealand | Nicaragua | Nigeria | Pakistan | Papua New Guinea | Philippines | Portugal | Puerto Rico | Russia | Scotland | Singapore | South Africa | South Korea | Spain | Sri Lanka | St.

So I'll join them here as a new, different word, and say that a "double-tongued word wrester" is one who finds a home in more than one language and who draws forth words from the zeitgeist like plucking drowning sailors from the sea, or like pulling thorns from the paw of a lion, or like picking blackberries from the brierpatch.

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It might well have succeeded even without the publicity associated with the award. Die "Stahlbacken" braucht man, um lange Meetings durchzustehen. If you're new to the game, allow us to debrief you. A stray is the term for a straight man who everyone secretly believes is gay.) (E?

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