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For example, Mudambi found that the kind of brand strategy highly depends on the type of the market segment [7].

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The mixture of effective marketing should feature four traits: compatibility with customers’ needs, an optimum combination of elements, commensurability with the firm’s resources, and creation of competitive advantage.

Decisions about marketing-mix to be made based on customers’ demand.

High quality with first-grade parts is expensive to project a positive image of the product.

In other words, the term “product” refers to a combination of “goods and services” provided by a company to the target market.

The marketing-mix and corporate image as independent variables and awareness of brand, perceived quality, and loyalty to brand as dependent variables (observed variables of brand equity) were considered in our model.

After literature review and research methodology, the results are provided.

This work mainly aims to apprise consumers’ viewpoint with regards to their motivation to purchase which is the result of awareness about the factors that form consumer behaviors.

Also, this work tries to illustrate a better and more comprehensive image embedded in brand and also to raise consumers’ awareness about the quality of products.

There are many other factors such as costs, discounts, transportation, and inflation to be taken into account as well.

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