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In 1936 Greece became a military dictatorship under General Ioannis Metaxas, who remained in power until 1944.

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Then in 1897 a revolt against the Turks in Crete led to war between Greece and the Ottoman Empire and to eventual self-governance for Crete.

A revolt by the Military League in 1909 prompted the appointment of Eleuthérios Venizélos as Prime Minister of Greece.

We have chosen a meze (taste) menu for this Greek cooking class to give you just that.

From the grills of the island coastlines, to soul food of the mainlands countryside; Greek Mezedes will have you head over heels.

Athens reached its zenith during the fifth century , a period known as its Golden Age.

At this time Athens experimented with a form of internal democracy unique in the ancient world, achieved a singular culture, and left enduring literary and architectural legacies.Great Britain, France, and Russia assisted Greece in its struggle for independence, and Greece came under the protection of these powers by the London Protocol of 1830.In 1832 the Bavarian Otto I became the first king of Greece, and in 1844 a conservative revolutionary force established a constitutional monarchy.In 1952 Greece joined the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and also granted women the right to vote and to hold political office.During 1952 to 1963 Alexander Papagos and Konstantinos Karamanlis each held the office of prime minister.Greece came under Macedonian domination between 338 and 200 The Macedonian king, Alexander the Great, conquered Greece, Persia, and Egypt to create an empire, and he carried the idea of Hellenism to places as far away as India.

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