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PARKLAND, Florida — Three students who knew the suspected high school shooter told Buzz Feed News they reported him to school administrators for erratic behavior and threatening them after an ex-girlfriend broke up with him and began seeing another teenager.

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” Trump tweeted.“Personally, I don’t think he should say that.

[Trump] doesn’t know the whole story,” Enea told Buzz Feed News. He’s remorseful,” Melissa Mc Neill, another public attorney for Cruz, said earlier in the week about the shooting.

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The Broward County Sheriff said his office received about 20 calls regarding Cruz over the years, and Cruz’s social media history shows an obsession with weapons and violence.

What bothered Enea was President Trump’s admonishment of the victims right after the attack.

Dana said Cruz had access to the account and that the messages read as though he was sending them.“I’m going to get you and I’m going to kill you because you took this person away from me.

I’m going to kill your family,” Dana remembered the messages saying.

The New York Post reported Cruz then threatened and harassed her.

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