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If such a source of comets exists, observations are consistent with an old solar system.

If not, then the existence of short-period comets indicates a young solar system.

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By my implication, this indicates that whether the old solar system theory adequately explains observations is also unknown. Presence of small particles in the solar system This is an astronomical observation consistent with a young solar system but which, as in the case of comets, requires extra assumptions if the solar system is old.

Because of the forward motion of an object in orbit around the sun, the sun's radition strikes it at an angle and exerts a backwards force. In the case particles on the order of 1 mm or less in diameter, this force degrades the orbit, causing the particle to fall into the sun within thousands to a few million years.

Second, the distribution of meteors resulting from comets is highly non-uniform around the earth's orbit, while the particles which cause the zodical light must be uniformly distributed.

Lastly, and most importantly, the theory that the particle supply is constantly being replenished must make another assumption: that the rates of supply and of destruction into the sun are roughly equal.

Also, the arguments I use here deal with the solar system, the earth, and man.

They do not deal with the age of the universe as a whole.

The supporting details are based on study, briefer than I would like, done for this debate.

Contrary to what is said about me on the net, I do understand the scientific method and can follow and evaluate the arguments.

He also gives an average period for a class of short-period comets of 7 years, yielding an average lifetime of around 500 years.

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