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While receiving her education, she worked at a local community hospital.In 1972, she began teaching school at the Family Christian Academy.

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The residence she stayed in had a rose garden that was in poor shape, but with La Verne’s loving care- it was producing lovely blooms in short order!

La Verne was an avid “Ice Dawg” fan, cheering her grandkids on.

She left a legacy at City of Hope- just as she did at every stop on her journey through life!

La Verne is survived by her 5 children, Nancy (Ben) Hubbard of St.

During winter months, he and his siblings hand pumped water for 100 head of cows between feedings.

At an early age, cousin Tant Anderson taught Jim and Bill how to haze the cattle back home on horseback prior to the building of fences.She took her cowbell to each game and let them know she was there by cheering louder than anyone else at the rink!She travelled to as many of the out-of-town games as she was able.She was a teacher there until 1988- when she was appointed as the School Administrator.La Verne oversaw the operations of the Academy and day care facility until November of 1993- when she moved to Glasgow to be near her family.Determined to keep the family together, the three sisters took over the mom duties and father, Alec, made it a priority to be home with all his children each evening.

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