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In the transition from traditional TV to streaming TV culture, it originally seemed that the low-maintenance, non-scripted "weird" public shows of our childhood wouldn't make the cut.

Thankfully that's not the case as Bob Ross and his happy trees are now available as background noise to keep our heart-rates down and our brains full of easily-manageable art.

Some may be from the distant past, distant countries or even just little known, under-appreciated wonders.

Also you get to check out recent Oscar winner Mahershala Ali in an early role.

is a Peabody winning family drama about two teenagers who were switched at birth into their respective families and grow up in massively different environments.

Let’s say hypothetically you support a pro football team that is currently 2-8* as of this writing, has not won an important game in nearly two decades and is known more as an extended modern art performance on institutional dysfunction than an actual football team. Then you might be inclined to watch a funny 4-season comedy about the drug-fueled misadventures of a hapless college football team…

just to remind yourself that football is supposed to be a fun lark and Art Modell cannot hurt you anymore. " was the most mind-shattering piece of media imaginable to a young kid.

Updated for July 2018 Netflix almost always knows what you want to watch.

The streaming services algorithm works hard to take your viewing preferences and find more just like it.

Still even with all that math, some shows are bound to fall by the wayside.

There is just so much content on Netflix that some of it is hidden from view.

The family moves in to the little town and learn to make do with predictable results. It goes inside prisons across the United States and offers us a glimpse into the brutal reality of life in incarceration that viewers quite frankly might not want to see.

When viewed through the proper lens, however, this is an excellent and addictive documentary series that not only grasps your attention and doesn't let it go but puts faces to some of the nameless men and women locked up across the country.

Did you know Andy Samberg starred in a BBC sitcom about a weed-smoking American hippie who marries into a conservative British family of great wealth and privilege? I remember getting so hyped every time I flipped through channels and saw "The Masked Magician" with his goofy mask, never-ending roster of beautiful women and willingness to reveal the answer to magicians' tricks that were not yet easily Google-able. This latest iteration is the fifth in the Canadian high school drama franchise and follows a group of youngsters as they navigate through the perils of youth.

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