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Hi I just bought an MY series Navman from DSE online $179 (free delivery) :) But i've since read some pretty scary reviews....

I think I got sucked in by the 'lifetime free maps' lol Cheers Shafted I got the MY300 LMT from JB for $148.80 and looking at the specs it is not much different to the MY350 LMT.

I have minor issues with the MY300 but I can live with it as other brands (depending on the model) have their own issues as well.

Hi yes, I have only had a chance to play with my new MY350LMT today, so far all seems ok.

It easily grabbed my phonebook from my Galaxy s3 and ive been able to install a couple of xtra 'more appealing' voices.

I live in Sydney and i use the device every day and maybe once in a week it will start reporting traffic, every other time it just tells me no traffic available in my area.

Navman Support is there something i can do to get the device to have traffic working, i have tried everything.

Anyway, I agree, for 9 (almost 0 off RRP) including the map updates I cant complain if there are a couple of issues, as long as they dont completely remove the usability of the product :) time will tell.

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