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They work in Bakau, a suburb of Banjul popular with tourists.

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The CPA and UNICEF train immigration and department officials as well as hotel staff, from security guards to receptionists, in the code.

“If we see an underage girl who is not a guest entering the hotel, the security guards now automatically refer her to reception,” said Suleyman Corr, duty manager at the Ocean Bay hotel. And guests now have to pay for all additional visitors who go to their rooms.” When asked if he knew of security guards accepting bribes to let girls through, he said, “Of course it is a possibility but we haven’t heard of it.” Other hotels are stricter and stipulate that no one other than the person booked can stay overnight, or ban “bumsters” from their premises.

“Tourists…take advantage of poor girls…they approach them and say ‘I will sponsor your education’.

They do not just stop at the girls…they even approach the parents,” he said.

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Enforcing the law But it has been difficult for the GTA to enforce tourist-related laws, according to the child protection group CPA.

The GTA’s Kebbeh said some hotels such as the Ocean Bay in Bakau proudly display the code of conduct in their lobbies, which helps to raise awareness, but no one is tasked with evaluating whether staff adhere to it.

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