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If we just stick to this basic principle, I think we’d see a lot less emotional damage being done.

I suspect, too, that if we treat people with dignity and affirm their worth as a human being throughout every stage—from initial meetings, to texts and phone calls, to first dates and first kisses, to committed relationships, and to breaking things off — that we would make a lot of progress towards leaving people better than we found them. We are more than simply physical beings, and we need to stop using one another for physical pleasure outside of an appropriately committed relationship.

However, I really appreciate if he does offer to pay. Laura Copeland loves serving the local church, and is on staff with the Small Groups team at Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California.

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And this, I think, is one of the greatest difficulties of dating today.

How are we supposed to navigate dating if no one is playing by the same rules? I have my own set up assumptions and guidelines I bring to dating, and I personally know how I would answer all of the above questions.

A break up is a break up, and no matter how you slice it there will be some pain.

However, there are ways to date and even break up with someone that still communicates their dignity and worth as a human being.

But I can’t assume that someone I’m interested in would answer them the same way.

I’ve dated men who insist on opening doors for me and paying, and I’ve dated a guy who didn’t open doors for me because a girl from his past accused him of chauvinism when he tried to open a door for her.

Without rules, everything quickly dissolves into chaos and the likelihood of someone being injured increases.

When it comes to the dating game, no one seems to know the rules anymore.

It’s really hard to play a game if you don’t know the rules.

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