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Finally Andres says “come on man give me a turn at that ass.”So Steph gets up from J. I brought the oil over and handed it to Tom, He asked me to remove her thong so he wouldn’t get oil on it.

So here I was removing my girlfriend’s thong so Tom could play with her ass.

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”I flipped over 3 Jacks and smiled het had a bigger grin and flipped over his cards and sure enough the river card gave him the inside straight, I had lost, and a huge grin came over all the guys. ”Carl: “It means I lost baby”” I thought you said Tom was bluffing”“I thought he was baby, you know what the odds are for him pulling an inside straight.”” I don’t care what the odds are, all I know is I have to practically walk naked in front of your friends all night, fine a bet is a bet, I will be back in a few minutes boys.”Steph walks into my bedroom to change and all the guys were drooling with anticipation, we didn’t even bother dealing another hand, everyone wanted to see what Steph was going to wear.

She certainly surprised all of us, I had anticipated the maid’s outfit to be short but not that short, it barely covered half her ass, her butt cheeks couldn’t, and wouldn’t be concealed by the skirt, she was also wearing a thong and it sure was a visual delight to see my girl’s ass on display.

Steph hears the doorbell and asks me if she can get the door, I said sure baby go welcome out guests.

As she opens the door, my friend Andres arrives, he is always the first to arrive and tonight is no different. D is skinny and spindly with dark hair, Tom is big and muscular with blond hair.

So when Steph open the door he had not only a surprised look but slightly disgusted when he saw a woman was going to be there, that disgust quickly melted away when Steph turned around in reaction to me welcoming Andres in, as she turned to look at me, Andres couldn’t keep his eyes of her shapely ass, he noticed he was staring too long, looked up at me, realized he was caught and blushed, I gave him a knowing smile with a shrug off my shoulders. Finally without announcement Tom opens the door and lets himself in, Tom is the most sexed up, funniest, craziest dude you will ever meet, he will fuck anything and everything that has a pussy and he is the biggest flirt you will ever meet, to describe Tom and J. So we started playing no limit hold’em, and Steph brought out some munchies and beers for the guys, I on the other hand don’t drink so by the end of the evening I always have a leg up on the guys when they are to drunk to make proper decisions.

To describe Andres, he is a Columbian friend, Latin like myself and is always talking about sex. So we are about an hour into the game and my luck is not with me so far, I am not losing a lot but I am not catching any worthwhile hands and the antes are eating me up.

I looked over at the guys and I swear their tongues were hanging out, I looked down through the glass table and every single one of them was adjusting his cock to make more room in their pants.

The were hollering and whistling, Steph walked over next to me, looked at all the guys and asked “satisfied?

Tom started to pour a handful of oil all over Stephanie’s red sore butt.

We all watch the oil slowly travel down her crack until it past her sphincter.

This timeline is the collective effort of thousands of anons over the span of a decade, passed down from generation to generation, rescued from wiki to wiki.

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