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I feel very embarrassed and I am afraid I could be reported or anything. I also don't think there are university guidelines that prevent us from accessing adult content. I think if your supervisor has decided to ignore it, then you should take this opportunity to not ruminate. I know advice is always easier said than done though. I was already upset with the way that he treated me. (edit: now confirmed by OP) Most if not all major universities have some sort of "acceptable use" policy governing student & staff use of IT facilities. Some key points: (2) the creation, transmission, storage, downloading, or display of any offensive, obscene, indecent, or menacing images, data, or other material, ...

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As has been mentioned above, you should learn from this experience and take measures to make sure it doesn't happen again. If you're viewing porn through your university internet connection, that's an obvious breach of #2.

If this happened in a public forum while giving a presentation... I have been in your situation..sort of from the perspective of your professor. I was assigned to a supervisor, he wasn't a very nice person and treated me rudely. You might also run into some of the other provisions if you're viewing pirated material, if you're viewing it on an untrustworthy site infested with malware, or if anybody thinks you deliberately showed them porn in order to harass them.

The real problem had already been solved at the moment he decided to ignore it, so the only problem here is your rumination. (4) the creation, transmission, or display of material which is designed or likely to harass another individual in breach of the University’s Policy and Procedure on Harassment; (9) the creation or transmission of or access to material in such a way as to infringe a copyright, moral right, trade mark, or other intellectual property right; ...

To stop it, every time you feel embarrassed about this topic again, my tip is to shake the idea in your head, like it's just a toy. (12) the deliberate or reckless undertaking of activities such as may result in any of the following ...

Lexington graduates get their diplomas in photos from Henry Clay High School's graduation ceremony in Rupp Arena on June 1, 2018.

Lexington graduates get their diplomas in photos from Bryan Station High School's graduation ceremony in Rupp Arena on June 1, 2018.

I am a student at a prominent university in the UK, and while I was showing my thesis work, a website, to my supervisor, the website crashed. Summary: Even if you win a Nobel prize, if the person on the other end is petty, then he will be reminded of your accidentally slip up and use it to dismiss your achievement.

Then I was asked to close the browser and open it again. If the person is kind and compassionate, then he will still be reminded it, but will not let him interfere with his opinion of you.

Anyway, if you are young we can understand more easily that situation but we can't accept it that why your examiner reject it immediately.

Next time, I hope you will be more watchful with the security of your computer and be careful with Internet, backups...

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