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Soon Kelly was listening to Ramsey’s popular podcast, and the couple took one of Ramsey’s courses.

“That is where we got the idea of using your own money for your emergencies instead of a credit card,” he says.

He had had a Discover card since his early 20s, plus a fistful of store cards: Best Buy, Target, J. “He didn’t have any money,” Kelly says of his father.

“It makes no sense for people that make the kind of money we make to have money.” Around the same time, Kelly heard about personal finance guru Dave Ramsey from a co-worker and jotted down the name.

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Nerd Wallet interviewed two families who have stopped using credit cards.

Even though Kelly knows that closing credit card accounts after they’re paid off might lower his credit score, he’s not too concerned.

He doesn’t plan on applying for credit in the future.

Going without credit cards doesn’t mean carrying around a wad of cash. While debit cards provide much of the same convenience as credit cards, they come with their own limitations, which Kelly makes accommodations for.

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