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Turn the bait on the hook shank and push the body of the plastic lure up and over the Z bend and knot and you're ready to go.Additionally, it is quite easy rig the lure in a straight line doing this with an offset hook whereas it is very difficult to do so with a straight shank hook.The shank of a fish hook, the section between the eye and the bend beginning the throat, is either straight or curved.

With hooks used in bass fishing the eye can be "straight", that is, "in line" with the shank.

Or, it may be "turned down", angled "forward" of the shank toward the hook point.

Small gaps are not as effective at this as are large gaps.

Some anglers will bend out the hook's gap 5-10 degrees thinking it will improve hook ups.

Is this plethora (a fifty cent word meaning "a whole bunch") of fish hook styles simply manufacturer marketing?

There are wide-gap, octopus hooks and circle fishing hooks. How each hook style accomplishes this is what makes one style more effective than another with any given technique. The point penetrates the bass' mouth and is manufactured in numerous variations. Thick wire fish hooks will not penetrate the tough cartilage of a bass' mouth as well as a thinner wire hook.

Offset shank hooks with their "Z" bend behind the eye are easy to rig with soft plastic lures.

Push the point around 1/4" into the bait's head up to the hook bend then push out the point at a 90° angle.

So pay close attention when buying hooks from different manufacturers. This is the distance from a line drawn between the point and shaft (apex of the bend) to the bottom of the fish hook's curve.

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