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in London, England, with a London headquarters at Floor 27, 25 Canada Square, London E14 5LQ, United Kingdom, and a New York headquarters at 61 Broadway, Suite 1603, New York, New York 10006. Key Points Skrill appears to primarily market itself through its website and through traditional advertising.

There is also a monthly inactivity fee of $3.00 starting in the 13th month of inactivity. Most complaints about Skrill generally express confusion about Skrill’s fraud prevention policies, trouble resolving fund holds in a timely fashion, “hacked” accounts, and excessive identity verification procedures enforced by Skrill.

We have seen complaints about this last point posted by both merchants and individual customers of Skrill, who all complain of having to provide photo verification, proof of address, and other sensitive personal information to Skrill in order to verify their identities.

In the end, after four months, I had to return the funds (that I could not access) to the person in Egypt, and I am still waiting for a replacement payment. ZERO STARS WOULD BE APPROPRIATE FOR THESE SCUMBAGS This merchant could possibly have avoided this experience by using a recommended merchant account for international payments.

Skrill’s delay in responding to its complaints is the main factor lowering the BBB’s score for Skrill, and considering the overall numbers for its profile, we are inclined to adjust the BBB’s rating even lower, to a “C.” Skrill rates as a substandard merchant services provider according to our criteria—in fact, it’s considered one of the worst processors on CPO.

The company’s overall rating suffers from a high complaint volume that appears to be almost exclusively related to its fraud prevention policies.

Customers report sudden freezes on account and withheld funds, but more importantly, they also claim to have great difficulty resolving these issues in a timely fashion through Skrill’s customer service department.Skrill has also received 12 informal reviews, all of which were negative in tone.The most recent review complains about funds getting tied up in Skrill’s system: A business person from Egypt asked if he could send me 0 US dollars via Skrill. Here is the rub: you can NEVER access the funds from your Skrill account. THESE PEOPLE ARE THIEVES AND CRIMINALS THAT NEED INVESTIGATING.These claims are supported by Skrill’s track record of inadequate responses through the BBB.Phillip Parker is a former merchant services sales agent who believes the industry has been overrun by people who engage in fraud and deception in order to steal from hard working business owners.In addition, many merchants have reported that they were unable to reach anyone at Skrill for days on end.

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