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The fact that teens are actively hiding information from parents is another troubling trend among teens.We recently posted about how kids are using a tactic called social steganography to create secret code words and symbols among friends, specifically to cloak the true meanings of their messages from parents.

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Woda was on the founding team of buy SAFE, an Internet trust and safety company, and he started working on child safety issues after his son was targeted by a child predator online.

While his son was unharmed, the incident led Woda to kick-start u

Children often hear "Don’t talk to strangers” or "Stay away from strangers.” We've given a great deal of thought to these stranger warnings, and would like to share 4 important observations. Children often think "strangers" look bad or mean or dirty.

They can think that if someone looks nice, that person is not a stranger. If a child is lost or has no trusted adult nearby, everyone is a stranger to that child.

”, run away, and tell.” If any adult or older kid touches your private parts (parts covered by a swim suit) or asks you to touch your private parts or somebody else’s, step way back, yell “NO!

”, run away and tell.” We recommend you reassure your kids that you won't be mad if they make a mistake. Also, you can teach your children ways to identify people they can ask for help, like store clerks and women with children.You can connect to strangers anywhere in the world. You can chat with random users for free dating and adult chat messaging.This app provides the similar experience to any other private chat room.Be sure to check out Mc Afee's infographic detailing the shocking study findings at the bottom of Mc Afee's article outlining the study!Tim Woda is an Internet safety expert, and a passionate advocate for empowering families and protecting children from today’s scariest digital dangers.How is your child going to find help without talking to strangers? The great majority of people who abduct or molest children are not strangers, they already know the children they harm.

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