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It may also have cookies in your phone that will further attack the other urls that you click on.

Step Three - Delete website data: Apart from cookies and browsing history, your browser may also save website data of certain websites, like location and preferences.

: Use the Index below to go directly to instructions for your browser on this web page.

Also, other programs and settings must not interfere with Navigator's operations.

Things that could interfere include damaged website files saved in your browser's history, corrupted or blocked Silverlight files, corrupted or incompatible browser files, pop-up blockers, advertiser supported browser toolbars and add-ons, incompatible Internet browsing security settings or lack of support for legacy plug-ins (such as Silverlight).

Because Microsoft will be discontinuing support for Silverlight, the Silverlight version of Navigator Web is being phased out.

All CTI Navigator users should use Web II unless there is a specific need to use temporarily Navigator Web Silverlight (such as to import and convert Matchmakers from Desktop Navigator into Navigator Web format).

That is probably because users are not reporting it.

I am sure you will agree with me that it is a pain.

And the best way to deal with it is to turn off the Java Script functionality on your browser.

However, sometimes the browser's history (cache) of temporary files and cookies may contain corrupted information that needs to be cleared to allow Navigator Web II to function properly.

Some even try to sell anti-virus software to try and earn a few bucks, riding on one's inability to tackle the menace. In this case however, I found that clearing the browser cache alone does not help.

There are a combination of things you need to do if you want to prevent ad-type.from ruining your browsing experience.

Nor is ad-type.a malware that affects your system, if you consider the definition of malware.

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