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As they entered the house, the first thing that caught Rachel’s eye was the dazzling mosaic tiles in the grand foyer.She stood transfixed for a few moments by the intricate black, blue, and coral pattern before realizing that they were not alone.

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Recent reports suggest that as many as one marriage in six now results from an initial encounter online.

This statistic makes clear that online dating has come of age as a route to finding a partner.

Not everyone who joins Parship is looking for marriage, but Parship is specifically for people who are looking for a long-term relationship.

Compatibility is at the heart of a successful long-term relationship, whether or not it is formalised with a wedding ceremony of some kind.

A tall, spindly Indian man stood silently in the middle of the foyer next to a circular stone table clustered with pots of enormous white-and-purple phalaenopsis orchids.

The man bowed ceremoniously to Rachel and presented her with a hammered silver bowl filled with water and pale pink rose petals.

Rachel felt the warm, radiating energy from his muscled arm and instantly felt better.

Her knight in shining armor was at her side, and everything would be just fine.

Born in Singapore, he has called New York's West Village home since 1995.

Part Two I did not tell half of what I saw, for no one would have believed me.

Her stomach felt like it had been twisted in a vise, and she smoothed out the creases on her dress nervously. She longed to get out of the car and explore this colossal estate, but something told her to remain in her seat.

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