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The interesting fact about Boracay is the opportunity not only to bang freelancers from the numerous night spots, but also to meet Filipina and foreign girls who come here for a holiday. If you reach Manila in the morning, you better catch a flight to the island of Panay in the Visayas. The best time you should consider is during the Philippines Labor Day weekend, known as “La Boracay”.

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Why not ask them to join you for a holiday in Boracay? You need to approach girls in the streets or night venues and fight hard to get the best looking one.

I rarely see beauties on the island; this is the reason I bring girls from other locations in the Philippines.

The working girls are from different Philippine provinces.

Things are definitely low-key in Boracay, compared to Angeles City or Cebu.

The only difference from other popular destinations in the Philippines is the absence of bar girls employed by the bars to entertain foreign men. Boracay, like the rest of Philippines, has only two seasons: I’m glad you asked.

Boracay, being an island, don’t have much local population.Anyway, the best places to meet girls in Boracay are: Boracay never sleeps. The nightlife action is taking center stage along White Sand Beach.Seven days per week, it is PARTY, PARTY, PARTY I was having a dinner on the beach, and I was amazed to see the chefs with the service staff making a dance show. This stretch of beach is home to hotels, bars, restaurants, and nightclubs.As you walk in, girls hanging out at the bar are just waiting for you. Being the most popular venue, when you take a girl from here, expect to see her again. Great cocktails and cool atmosphere, it’s the place to have a romantic late afternoon before going back to the hotel’s room for relaxation. If you are looking for companionship, I recommend hunting earlier for the best ladies around.The clubs are of modest size, no VIP areas, and feel like a massive orgy with local Filipinas, Western women, and Asia girls.The working girls get out late in the afternoon after sunset.

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