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For some reason the North Koreans began to remove their jets, tanks, equipment, and troops back from the border, and I never heard why.

At that time, Chinese and Russian troops were supporting the North Korean communist troops and maybe their leaders realized that once a nuclear war started in Korea that it could speed to their countries and it wouldn’t stop until everything was gone.

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After hours of uncertainty, at in the afternoon word had finally come out that Castanon had survived.

One of the medics told Mc Alister, “He just came out of surgery.

On the morning of February 10, Roy Mc Alister was volunteering at the veterans center on Sylvan Road.

“I had no idea what was in store that day,” explained Mc Alister.

We may never know what happened, but events in today’s news are a reminder to me of that time when I was there, and I saw how close we came.

I believe that cooler heads in China, Russia, and North Korea prevailed.

At that morning there was quite a commotion outside among the workers as one of the volunteers shouted for someone to call 9-1-1.

Mc Alister ran outside to find Jerry Castanon lying motionless on the ground.

I remember thinking that night on the flightline that this could be it.

I enjoyed my job and all the assigned men were great to work with.

There wasn’t a need at that time for them to know, but they were ready.

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