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I believe moms have special instincts when it comes to their children. For more information on periodic fever syndrome, please check out these reputable resources: As of June 2014 my son is still experiencing fevers on a monthly basis.

We met with an ENT to discuss a tonsillectomy but our ENT has reservations as he has performed this surgery before on children with this diagnosis and results were not 100%. I’m sure I could press the issue and see a new ENT but I have horrible feelings about tonsillectomies.

We are going on close to two years and the episodes have yet to subside.

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According to information received from our physicians and our own independent research, periodic fever syndrome is when a patient experiences recurring fevers which are not the result of an infection, allergy or other condition.

It is also known as PFAPA or FMF (Familial Mediterranean Fever). Here is what we experience when my son is having a Periodic Fever Syndrome episode: – Pain in his legs and abdomen – Upset stomach or loose bowels – Limited appetite – Decreased activity – Restless nights and difficulty sleeping (him and me) – Change in temperament prior to episode – Noticeable change in shape and look of eyes – Temporal thermometer so I can check his temperature when he is sleeping – Educating his school so they know what to do when he develops a fever (it is so important to make sure his fever does not get out of control) – Help others understand my son has a syndrome and not a virus or illness and therefore is not contagious – Encourage lots of fluids – Offer other types of nourishment, such as smoothies, shakes and popsicles to get some sort of substance into my son’s system, while also offering a cooling effect – Lots of rest and downtime (movies, games, coloring, snuggles) Our physician has offered steroids.

Every time my son developed a fever, I would log the date, time and thermometer reading in an excel spreadsheet. The hospital’s specialists tested his blood and urine and were looking for scary things, such as leukemia, lymes disease, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and other blood disorders.

All those tests came back negative and my son was eventually diagnosed with Periodic Fever Syndrome after visits with an Infectious Disease Specialist.

Growing rapidly, 75% for height and weight, extremely active and athletic. His last fever was several months ago and appear now only once in a while. My son still get fevers, although not as frequent or consistent.

I never thought we’d get to this point, but here we are. Just treated each fever as they occurred and continued to support his health with a proper diet, rich in whole foods, and a daily multivitamin. I thought he would have outgrown this syndrome by now but unfortunately we are still a part of the Periodic Fever Syndrome Club (formally known as PFAPA).Once back home, I followed up with my son’s Pediatrician and gave him a summary of what occurred in Texas.I had all of my paperwork from the Emergency Department and they were added to my son’s medical records.After many hours in the Emergency Department my son started to respond to the medication and we were eventually discharged with instructions to keep his temperature down and follow-up with our physician once we returned home.If the had another seizure, they wanted us to return.My husband and I struggle with the thought of steroids and have opted not to use them at this time.

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