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I really hope the secret that is Rebecca Faith Editorial doesn’t get out too much, because I need her available for the sequel!

Download Finding Love Again: 6 Simple Steps to a New and Happy Relationship - Terri L.

Orbuch Based on a groundbreaking 25-year study of marriage, divorce, and new love-finding the right one just became 100% possible.

She’s an insightful mentor, and an organized, motivating coach. She was enthusiastic and I was impressed with her responsiveness. Months later we had polished my book into a shinier facsimile of its previous incarnation and I sent it off to agents.

What can one say about Becca Heyman that the pundits haven’t said so tersely already? I was approached by one of these agents, signed a contract, made some additional changes to the manuscript as per the agent’s suggestion (with Becca’s help, of course) and now my book is sitting with a host of publishers in New York, awaiting its final verdict.

I get amazing feedback from people who’ve read it, and I am supremely happy with the result. Setting aside that we’ve become great friends, she is the consummate professional who really knows her craft.

She gave me confidence, reality checks, encouragement and an executable plan - these things are priceless to a writer. In the last seven months I’ve been working with Rebecca, I’ve gotten closer to my goal of finishing a salable novel than I had in the previous two years working on my own.

I would definitely recommend her editing services for anyone who is looking to have their manuscript whipped into the best possible shape before self-publishing or submitting to agents or editors in traditional publishing.

I wanted my debut novel to be the best it could be.

This is not your ordinary guide to finding romance--it's a proactive, biblical approach to the pursuit of love and purpose that leads readers todevelop a plan of action to meet othersclearly define the person "they" are and the one they seeklearn how to approach and be approachablelet go of the deep-rooted myths about datingfind the balance between love and the rest of life Dr. Shaffer explores why many singles don't always choose well in their dating relationships and provides readers the strategies they need for growth, healthy Download The Five Love Languages for Singles - Gary Chapman < P> Gary Chapman first penned the bestselling < EM> The Five Love Languages</EM> more than ten years ago. Chapman now tackles the unique circumstances that singles face, and integrates how the same five love languages apply in their relationships.

Ronn is enthusiastic, creative, straightforward, and ready to show singles how godly knowledge and confidence give them the power to make healthy, life-changing choices for themselves, their love lives, and their futures."Oprah's got her Dr. The core message has hit home with over 5 million people as it focuses on the need to "feel" loved. For example, in a business environment, when and how is physical touch appropriate?

I was consistently impressed with her insight and ability to give me concrete and well thought-out suggestions on how to improve my novel. She’s super efficient and balances the right amount of constructive criticism with praise.

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