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Oxygen, clean water, saline solution, basic medicine.

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On November 13, 2007, he told Honolulu, Hawaii's ABC TV affiliate KITV that he was shortly to be deployed to Bahrain.

Marianas Variety, Micronesia's leading newspaper, recorded that LCDR Andy Baldwin "is part of the Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command (JPAC) team conducting recovery operations in Palau." Andy Baldwin is the son of Roy Eugene Baldwin, Jr., a former two-term Pennsylvania State Representative (R-97th District), and Cynthia Laulani Baldwin, a high school mathematics teacher and he has a brother and sister.

I was on top of the world, with The Bachelor, and I had all this fame, but it was fleeting.

Going through that gauntlet of an experience made me realize what is really important.”During his deployment Andy came off his scripteality romantic high and began to realize that the settling down wasn’t ever going to work for him.

by a farmer and a math teacher, was his high school’s valedictorian, graduated from Duke on a Navy ROTC scholarship, excelled as a triathlete and is absolutely an over-achiever.

“One of the main reasons I went on The Bachelor was because my younger brother got married, and it seemed like marriage was what I was supposed to do next.” Boy haven't we all been there?!?! The wind blew through their flowing locks and reality TV trumpets hailed victory.Andy headed out with a team of other marathoning do-gooders to visit Cosmas’ remote village of Bartabwa.Greeted by enthusiastic villagers, many of whom had never seen white people before, Andy was immediately moved by the benevolence of the people and a tremendous sense of generosity amidst absolute devastation.Andy scanned the crowd looking for Cosmas, when his eyes landed on a skinny, sad eyed little boy sitting away from the crowd. He was this little kid, five years old, who walked around eight miles a day to carry a bucket of dirty water back to his village and there were all these people excited about something he couldn’t possibly understand.”Andy had brought Cosmas gifts, but quickly realized that it would take a lot more than a doll and sunglasses to gain his trust.This child like so many others, was raised not by his parents, who had both died of HIV AIDS, but by his community and he lacked the proper nutrition to grow, or the confidence life had any longevity.In the field he was forced to use what was on hand in order to treat patients and realized how basic the needs of life actually are.

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