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Codependents have difficulty seeing others as separate individuals, with feelings, needs, and motivations independent of themselves.

They feel responsible and guilty for others’ feelings and actions.

Those behaviors reflect individual motivations and are part of a bigger picture of why the relationship didn’t work. Codependents blame others because they have trouble taking responsibility for their own behavior, including a failure to ask for their needs to be met and to set boundaries.

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X Whether it was an amicable decision or not, the period following a breakup is an important time where both parties must cope with the loss in order to move on, says Tebb.

This often includes going through certain feelings and emotions that are completely normal.“You go through different stages before you bring it all back to yourself,” Tebb said.

Independence is another plus of being single along with not having to answer to anybody else.

This is the time to take on projects you’ve neglected, travel and try a new hobby.“There’s no pressure and you’re able to pick up and go,” Tebb says. This is a time for you to grow into the man or woman you need to be so that when you’re ready for that next relationship, you’re kind of at your best.”A 2013 University of Toronto study found that people who fear being single tend to settle for less in their relationships.

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One person’s need for space or even to break-up may not be a consequence of his or her partner’s behavior, and blaming the partner doesn’t make it so.

There may be instances where a person’s addiction, abuse, or infidelity precipitate a break-up. If you’re feeling guilty, take the suggested steps in my recent e-workbook: Anger and resentment can also keep you stuck in the past.

Sometimes they project blame when they feel guilty or ashamed, also.

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