Denim diamonds dating

Stick to one accessory—think a blouse, scarf, or shoe—with a furry-friend pattern, and keep the rest of your outfit neutral in hue and with clean lines. An airy tunic or caftan is so great for vacation—toss the semi-sheer, often-tassled one-piece over your head and you’re happy hour-ready.

However, that kind of look doesn’t equate to office happy hour, or especially the office in the first place.

Aside from the fact that probably can’t even fit your Kindle, let alone a full i Pad or Surface Book Pro inside, it looks like you’re ready for a concert or a hike—and definitely not a day in the conference room.

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But just because it’s a symbol of something important to you (or multiple symbols) doesn’t mean you should be jingling all the way to work and back—no woman should really ever wear a charm bracelet to work.

Besides, you’ll never get any work done with all that noise.

Just like off-the-shoulder numbers are in style, so are dresses with strategically placed cutouts. Rompers are great for summer—an easy one-piece to toss over a bathing suit, for instance. Save these luxe lambswool bad boys for when you want to treat your feet to something cozy and comfy, along the lines of bedroom slippers.

Think: under the breast, along the obliques, and generally the entire back. But that’s no reason to throw one on before your big Power Point presentation. (You wouldn’t bring Yeah, they may trend from time to time in the high-fashion world, but fanny packs are not the way to tote the essentials to the office.

With so many affordable and adorable graphic-print options, these under-$5 bags make are great for dirty gym clothes, as “green” grocery bags (though don’t use the same bag for both), and the like.

However, toting everything to the office this way feels a little bit sloppy.

Again, when in doubt, skip full-on shine: You’ll look far more ready for New Years’ Eve than you will for that on-boarding meeting on a Monday morning, even if you do style it smartly (and more casually) with a chambray top or tee.

Charm bracelets are adorable and often can have a personal meaning to the wearer.

Let’s face it: Men have it easy when it comes to dressing for work.

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