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But the spotlight isn't finished with the Olsen family, because they have another talented sister with ties to an even bigger pop culture machine: the Marvel Cinematic Universe.Elizabeth Olsen stars as the Scarlet Witch in the MCU, first appearing in as a young widow recovering from the loss of her husband.

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He began his professional on-camera career in the late 90s, appearing in a guest- starring role on “ER”.

He began his profession with little parts, showing up in a scene of ER and as a flyer on 2001’s Pearl Harbor.

I've always drawn, for example, and I did consider when I was younger, it was either do I become an actor or do I become an animator cartoonist at that point.

Do I work at Disneyworld or something and do animated cells or something?

In 2003, he was given a role as Patrick in the HBO arrangement Six Feet Under.

He was then observed on Threshold and Jake in Progress, notwithstanding his voice chip away at Fanboy and Chum.Alanna and Danny are likely the most recognizable members of the Masterson family, but they aren't the only actors in the bunch.Danny is brother to Chris Masterson, who appeared alongside his brother as Jackie Burkhart's boss, the Cheese Guy on -- the actress has a never-ending list of high-profile roles in some of the biggest movies ever filmed. Roberts has recently set her sights on television and can be seen in the Amazon spy thriller .Emma directly credits her aunt for her inspiring her to become an actress.She says she spent time on film sets while growing up, watching her aunt work.Their father has accused the church from keeping them from his children, saying they were not allowed to contact him, per the church's orders.

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