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v=r4i Lz7Yvd3M But this definition is a very LOW BAR, because anyone can get a 100 percent success rate using that standard, and for FREE too.

All they have to do is go to a free dating site like Datein, for example, and there one can find scores of Filipina girls that will gladly begin a correspondence with them.

We hope this will give you a more complete picture of their Quest Tours and help you make a more informed decision.

We believe in truth, and that means that both the pros and cons of any particular endeavor or operation should be brought to light, not just the pros as Mark would prefer. First of all, Mark Davis' "80 percent success rate" claim is misleading and uses the wrong barometer and criteria to define "success".

"We're experiencing an 85% success rate from our first two tours - meaning that 85% of our clients met someone they had a real connection with, who felt the same way in return, and they pursued getting to know each other as potential life partners.

Some did exchange rings and some are in the K-1 Fiance Visa process." Also at the beginning of Mark's You Tube video below, he also defines what he means by an "80 percent success rate": https://

His smooth talking charisma captivates you and makes you believe everything he says. Davis presents a polished, smooth, perfect image of his romance tours.

It sounds like the perfect way to find your foreign dream bride.

Either way, the point is, Mark is obviously using a misleading and inaccurate criteria for defining his "success rate".

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