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All of the Friends characters had their own passions and careers.

Phoebe tried to get her singing career going with performances at Central Perk but a few other friends did their own projects at various points.

Phoebe clearly liked the feline but even the biggest cat fanatics have their questions.

Did she ask the following question about a cat’s ability to age assuming no trucks are involved?

Lisa Kudrow did a tremendous job using her comedic chops and general likeable nature to make Phoebe a true joy to watch grow through the seasons.

An offbeat personality with many charming intricacies provided the character with the tools to steal many scenes.

All of the characters had their fair share of great quotes that still bring the laughs today, but Phoebe clearly was at the top of the list when looking back at the top one-liners.

We will look at some of the funnier and more memorable quotes from the show to see just how well you remember Phoebe.It could have been any one of them having fun following a date.Monica and Rachel both had strong comedic comments but Phoebe always had their number.Did Phoebe utter the aforementioned quote when attempting to get financially compensated for her talent?Romance was always a big part of Friends with all six characters having countless relationships throughout the show.There are certain situations, however, when backdating is acceptable; however, the parties involved must agree to it.

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