Dating saggitarius

Why do half of all Americans believe in ghosts, three quarters believe in angels, a third believe in astrology, three quarters believe in Hell?

Why do a quarter of all Americans and believe that the President of the United States was born outside the country and is therefore ineligible to be President?

Income is even less important as a determinant of emotional happiness.

Health care reform will make a difference, but the difference will be smaller than it appears when you focus on it.

Evolutionary Biologist; Emeritus Professor of the Public Understanding of Science, Oxford; Co-Author, with Yan Wong, The Ancestor’s Tale (Second Edition); Author, The Selfish Gene; The God Delusion; An Appetite For Wonder Not all concepts wielded by professional scientists would improve everybody's cognitive toolkit.

If all schools taught their pupils how to do a double-blind control experiment, our cognitive toolkits would be improved in the following ways: 1. Do you need language — including words — for sophisticated thinking or do they merely facilitate thought?

This question goes back to a debate between two Victorian scientists Max Mueller and Francis Galton.

A word that has made it into the common vocabulary of both science and pop culture is "paradigm" (and the converse "anomaly") having been introduced by the historian of science Thomas Kuhn.

It is now widely used and misused both in Science and in other disciplines almost to the point where the original meaning is starting to be diluted.

But happiness depends on other factors more than it depends on income.

Paraplegics are often unhappy, but they are not unhappy all the time because they spend most of the time experiencing and thinking about other things than their disability.

Why do more than 40 percent of Americans think the universe began after the domestication of the dog?

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