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So he made up a fake dating profile and managed to set up a date with her under an assumed name.

He arranged to pick her up from school as his “alter ego,” but kept putting off his arrival time until after the buses stopped.

Let’s cut to the chase: The “two graves” in question ended up going to Victoria and David. Fortunately, Amanda survived her final encounter with the Wicked Witch of Westhampton — and she made good use of her new lease on life, after a bit of a time jump, by becoming Mrs. A flashback scene found Charlotte insisting that the doctors not tell Amanda “who” provided the vital organ, but the revelation was followed by Amanda waking up — rather suddenly — on Jack’s boat. Why would she do that to her own flesh and blood, you ask? And although he didn’t find true happiness of his own in the finale, he did receive a surprise visit in the episode’s final moments — a potential investigative opportunity, courtesy (apparently) of Amanda: This prompted some fans on Twitter to question whether Nolan might be getting his own continuation series. Also, ABC passed on — hooked up with Amanda, but after going out to pick up breakfast, he returned to find none other than White Gold waiting for him (a cautionary tale for ordering food online, if ever there was one.) Fortunately, he survived his encounter with Courtney Love, and even managed to snag David’s blessing to marry his daughter!

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She moved out while he was on a business trip, and filled every picture frame in his household with photos of clowns. A Dish Served Hot: One cheated-upon fiance waited until his own wedding reception to get his revenge.

During the speech, he asked people to stand up and check if there was a red dot under their plate. The Walk of Shame: A man who took his girlfriend back after she cheated on him wanted to test if she was serious about her promise that it would be different this time.

“Alright,” you think “I don’t have to play video games, they …A woman who gave birth in Japan has men everywhere wishing they could get pregnant after posting pictures of her hospital food.

Imgur user Hahahah1111111 began posting the pictures after realizing this wasn’t the typical steamed veggies and bowl of mush. And for a really good …While most people tend to get piercings solely for aesthetic purposes, this one inner ear piercing has an entirely different purpose.

Fortunately, sources reveal exclusively to TVLine that David would have finished that sentence with “…infinity.” Revenge fans, your thoughts on the sudser’s last hurrah?

The best way to deal with relationship difficulties is by communicating honestly and openly with your partner, making sure that you are both being heard.

Over a period of several weeks, she developed an online “relationship” with him to get him to admit that he was interested in cheating.

When she had all of the evidence she needed, she put it in an envelope and sent it to his wife with a note that said, “sorry you’re married to a cheater.” 2.

With some people suffering from chronic migraines, this piercing works as a more holistic method of relief rather than medication.

This chronic migraine cure is known as auricular acupuncture …It’s a pretty obvious fact that kids look like their parents.

Here are eight stories of people who took absolutely ridiculous revenge on their cheating partners. As if that wasn’t enough, she found him on the same dating website a few months later, still married, still pretending he was single.

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