what is the best city for dating - Dating in cambodia

First you have to decide where to live: most expats choose Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, or Sihanoukville.We’ve got advice on homes and apartments, from long-term guesthouses to stay in while you look for an apartment to advice on buying property and hiring household staff and information about utilities.We’ve got practical advice about how currency works in Cambodia (it’s more complicated than it might seem), tips on how to get a local phone and SIM card and open a bank account, and the information you need to know about sending and receiving mail.

Dating in cambodia

The Cambodia girl next to me was delightfully holding up a deep fried grasshopper which was staring at me through it’s fried eyeball held by its tail. “I have mister potato (crisps/chips in a tube similar to Pringles) and bananas” The usual conversation went on from there, she was 26 from Phnom Penh, working as a bank clerk and just had a weekend holiday in Siem Reap.

She offered a spare room at her house where she lived with her auntie, daughter and doctor for the 2 nights I was staying in Phnom Penh, I of course accepted, nothing beats a free nights accommodation – it is the ultimate in showing hospitality, but then said it wouldn’t be possible for tonight so had to get a hotel anyway.

We cover road safety, how to deal with police, and other transportation options, including Cambodia’s long-distance buses and international flights.

It’s also important for expats to stay healthy in Cambodia.

Make sure to get a decent health insurance policy, but you may be one of those for whom travel insurance will do the trick.

Since many expats also choose to seek medical care abroad, we’ve got recommendations for the easiest medical getaways. In our Safety and security section we cover robberies, bag-snatchings, and hotel and apartment break-ins, and give you some emergency numbers and tips for dealing with the police, just in case.

Find out the recommended hospitals, doctors, and clinics, plus the pharmacies where you’ll get real international medications.

We also cover common ailments, dental issues, and eye care.

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