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There’s also the part about women being more sexually adventurous as they age.Indeed, Ok Cupid urges men to date older women for all the reasons listed above.So she dressed them down, like Clint Eastwood in My fiancée is a full 20 years older than me, and she’s pretty badass.

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Yet for some men, the allure of the elusive recent college grad is lost. It’s easy to dismiss this attraction as a MILF fetish, but that, too, would be a stereotype — and in this case, a hollow one.

Older women are more emotionally mature and self-confident, more steady and successful in their careers, more worldly and chill about the nature of the relationship, these men say.

When I tell them I’m 21, they get a little hesitant.

“It’s just that I’ve never dated anyone younger,” they say.

At first, she kept trying to find every reason for it not to work between us.

But I’m good expressing myself in writing — much better than I am when speaking, actually — and I was able to show her that I was genuinely interested in her and wanted to give it a legitimate shot. She looks 15 years younger than her age, and she’s youthful, athletic and always doing stuff.

One night, I noticed my neighbor’s mother at a party she was having. She was a strong, independent woman who was very self-confident. She told me how she needed someone to come over and do some handiwork, and I readily offered my services.

Eventually, someone came around and offered us virgin Jello shots.“So you’re just offering us Jello? I think I even said, “You won’t even have to pay me in cash.”I got her number, and we began texting.

One night we bumped into each other at pub trivia, and I was like, “You’re my neighbor! She’s the director of a local art museum, so now I’ve accumulated a sizable art collection. Same for my parents and friends, who have been nothing but supportive. Job: IT technician City: Santee, California Age: 21Preferred age range: 30 to mid-40s Their Story: When I was 18, I had a girlfriend who was 25. I find older women are often looking for a deeper, more intellectual connection, whereas the women my age tend to only want the most attractive guy.

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