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One of the hardest things about guest posting is keeping track of which blogs you have actually submitted a guest post to and whether it was approved etc. They maintain a super updated list of blogs, and their submission tracking software lets you stay on top of your guest posts.

They do charge a really small fee for access to the list and software but it will save you a ton of time and effort.

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Guest blogging couldn’t be easier with these descriptions, ratings and links to blogs which will actually take your work.

You can see exactly what you need to do for your guest post to be accepted.

This post will show you who the blogs on the list are aimed at, how to apply to write for them, the rankings of the sites, and even how to contact the blog with your submission.

You can also see what benefits you can attract by writing for the blogs on the list.

If you’re in need of a professional guest blogger to help you handle guest blogging, blogging or content marketing as a whole, then you can hire me!

If you have feedback about any of the blogs in any of these categories, please contact me!

It is a must have if you are submitting a lot of guest posts. There are around 20 blogs in total listed in the above category; at the time of compiling this list it has been verified that each blog listed accepts guest posts.

The list contains details about the authority of each blog listed as well as how you can submit guest posts to these blogs. This business/small business category lists 20 blogs which you can apply to write for.

You’ll also find short descriptions and what to do in order to apply to write for them, what other opportunities are open to you, and how to make contact.

Click here for blogs in the gaming category Health writers, this is the list you were waiting for.

Each blog is exceptional in its own way and will give you the valuable, high traffic links you need for your site.

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