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One photographer even flew his 46 pound camera on a kite to get aerial shots of the aftermath. It’s been two years since I posted the first installment of this series, 1906 2010: The Earthquake Blend (Part I). There’s quite a bit of conflicting information of exactly where this building once stood.And just when I was about to wrap things up, my dad announced that he had unearthed a local magazine published in late 1906 loaded with earthquake-aftermath photos that I had never seen in any library or online collection.

We’ll use our work on ourselves as the training ground for learning how to transform others.

You’ll learn how to heal old hurts, how to develop new resources, how to break free from limiting conditioning, and how to step more fully into your leadership.

At AM on April 18, 1906, San Franciscans woke up to a quick jolt. And then it hit hard–42 seconds of intense shaking.

Buildings fell, sinkholes in the streets opened up, railroad tracks bent, and collapsing bricks crushed cable cars sheltered for the night in the cable car barn. It was the out-of-control fires that did 90% of the destruction to San Francisco.

Whether you come to Interchange to create a professional coaching career, or just to heal yourself and be of deeper service to everyone around you, you will find that the skills you learn and the work you do will serve you in all areas of your life.

You want to make a difference for the people around you.

At Interchange we don’t just teach you the theories, we teach you what to do with them.

You’ll practice the art forms of relating, presence, empathy, improvisation, and leadership.

Think mindfulness training with music and movement.

Dance—all that twisting, shaking, flowing, reaching, stretching, taking on different shapes, responding to other bodies in motion —can bring to light unconscious patterns, express the unexpressed and give you the chance to open to new ways of moving in the world. View Upcoming Classes →I teach Open Floor Movement classes that help people boost their creativity, authenticity, self-awareness and relational skills.

My goal is to stand in the exact spot where the original photographer stood.

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