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When he told Tony, his usually distant attitude became a brash overprotectiveness, not even letting Peter going alone to the forest.

Is Tony’s unusual protectiveness only because Peter is between the range of the victims? Do these boys share something more than the fact they are teenagers?

According to the videos, their relationship has had some major ups and downs.

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Tom and Zendaya first sparked dating rumors in July 2017 during their "Spider-Man: Homecoming" press tour. " the actress tweeted, to which Tom replied, "Does the press tour count," adding a face with tears of joy emoji.

However, both stars continuously shut down the rumors and even slammed the reports with funny tweets. my favorite is when it says we go on vacations together HA! Back in December, it was reported that the British actor dined with the 21-year-old actress and her parents at Bobby Van's Central Park South in New York City.

In a new vlog, he pretty much gives us his answer, even if he hasn't officially said anything yet. There's been a lot of rumors surrounding Matty B's love life.

Matt posted a video to his vlog channel that finally answers our questions. " Kate and Matt explain that they met because Matt played baseball with her twin brother, Jack.

They all tour with Matty B and perform together, meaning they're with each other a lot. Most recently on his You Tube channel "Matty BVlogs," Matt has been posting videos with Ivey Meeks.

They're "dating," but it sounds kind of like they're pulling a Jake Paul and Erika Costell on us.

Matty BRaps attended homecoming and posted an Instagram picture with his date, Kate Cadogan. Outside of her friendship with Matty B, Kate is a cheerleader at her high school and has a twin brother named Jack.

(Just a warning – it's pretty sweet.) But here's the real question: what's going on between them? Hopefully, we'll learn more about her as #Katty B comes back in full force, just because the two of them are too cute not to obsess over.

Fighting alongside your dad and your best friend is hard, but when you fall for a certain spider, it just might get a little harder. After May and Ben died in a car crash, he had to move with his godfather Tony Stark, who lived in Eliozondo, in the centre of a valley in Spain.

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