valentines gifts newly dating - Dating a girl with emotional baggage

"You want to exhaust all possibilities – communicate your expectations, talk about common ground, discuss possibilities, etc.

You want to see if compromise is possible where both people feel respected and honored."It's important to set aside time for real talk, but don't forget to focus on the good parts of your relationship, too.

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If you don't, you may accidentally push each other's buttons without even meaning to, Chlipala says.

Know that cultivating a healthy relationship takes time.

"If your parent left you when you were a kid, you may be sensitive to feeling abandoned by your partner," Chlipala says.

"If your sibling got more attention than you, having attention or validation from your partner may be important." Whatever it may be, just because one or both of you carry a lot of luggage doesn't mean your love is doomed forever.

"You can still make it work, it just depends on your dynamics."All of us are doing the best we can to become a better version of ourselves.

The next time you're talking about something that you know is difficult for your partner, make sure you're intentionally listening to what they have to say (and vice versa).

I mean, you got together (hopefully) because you make each other happy, right?

And the truth is that everyone has baggage to some degree, Chlipala points out.

"You can ask your [partner] why their previous relationship didn’t work out.

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