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The group was introduced in Season Four and has plagued the survivors since its earliest episode.

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She currently stars as a series regular in the AMC hit television show “Fear the Walking Dead.”Danay was born in Habana, Cuba on July 5, 1984, to the father whose family is of Chinese-Italian, and her mother whose family is of Spanish-Cuban descent.

She grew up in Havana, Cuba, and spent her childhood years training as a ballet dancer.

Danay has not been involved in any notable controversies till date and has been successful in maintaining a good public image.

thank you for teaching me patience, perseverance & unconditional love.

She began dancing since she was 10 years old and knows Ballet, Salsa, African Dance, Meringue, Belly Dancing, and Flamenco.

Information regarding her educational background is not known at the moment. Her first gig for the public was playing the lead role in “Maria Antonia,” by Eugenio Hernandez Espinosa.Note: All net worths that have been published above, collected from trusted web portals. Most of the time, net worths affected for various reason like Income Taxes, Living Costs, Several fees, Investments or losses in Business etc. She began studying ballet at the Debby Allen Dance Academy while pursuing acting studies. Her performance as Luciana Galvez in ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ is arguably her best work to date. She is the only Cuban actress in America who was born in her homeland country and escaped the Communist regime when she fled in 2003 with her son and was granted political asylum by the United States.Apart from her acting career, Danay has also been featured in Italian Vogue and ad campaigns for Mercedes-Benz and has appeared in countless U. Although the exact salary of this Cuban actress is not available, her net worth is estimated to be around $ 3 million.Everybody has these different perspectives to deal with these situations and circumstances and that is what I can tell you.

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