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Finally, you can connect with me on Goodreads, where I’ll still leave short reviews for the books I read.

I’m excited about putting my full focus into creating right now, and in doing so, fully committing to my original intentions.

Ever since I wrote a book on Tinder, guys are always asking me – “what are the best first messages for Tinder? Ok, I’ll be honest – they don’t all say “Hey, what’s up? They say things like “How are you doing”, “What are you up to? ” Anyway, in my book I share a bunch of really powerful first messages for Tinder that work WAY better than “Hey, what’s up? And my buddy Derek made a quick video of some of the most versatile and effective Tinder openers I mention. Anyway, if you like this video, please give it a like and subscribe to the Love Systems channel.

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You’ll notice that ALL of these first messages are basically IDENTICAL to asking “Hey, what’s up? What you’re really saying is “I don’t have anything to say – do YOU have anything to say?

There are a few elements that make a great first message on Tinder.

I’ll still be reachable by email () and through my contact form.

You can also find me on Facebook, or follow me on Twitter (though I’m pretty quiet on the latter).

In the last few months, I’ve stuck closely to my intentions.

I’ve been writing like a fiend behind the scenes, often waking from a trance at the end of the week and realizing I’d somehow managed 15-20 hours alongside my teaching hours.

And while I’m gone, I hope that you, dear readers and writer pals, are doing the same!

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