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I am using VMWare Virtual Center 2.5.0 build 64192.When first adding the server I recieved "Connection to 'perfmon' failed.When you create your VMs, provision the hard drives according to the size you need.

Yes it's a good idea to have a separate store for CD, DVD, and floppy images as well as VM backups, templates. Example of datastore configuration 8x300GB = 2.4TB RAW - Hot Spare = 2.1TB RAW Datastore1 = 100GB = ISOs, FLPs, VM Templates, Documentation, etc Datastore2 = 900GB = SQL database server VM Datastore3 = 1TB = RHEL mail server VM How you partition the datastore is up to you.

If you're having problems with the RHEL imaging, you may use this boot CD to do the job:

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1) What would be the best method for backing up the RHEL/Mail physical server and restoring it as a VM on the same box ? 3) What kind of Raid setup / disk partitionning would you recommend for Esxi ?

But your suggestion brings me to this: I have a Bart PE CD with Ghost 8 and the drivers for the Dell Perc6/i ctrl.

If I was able to make a Ghost (.gho) image of the server with my Bart PE, is the Vmware converter or Esxi able to create a VM from a file ? How should I format / partition the 8 drives where the VM files, etc will be stored ? 1) v Center Converter doesn't natively support files (which is all Ghost prior to version 9).

3rd Party software -Acronis True Image Echo Server for Linux -Plate Spin Power Convert -Paragon Drive Backup Linux command = dd 2) Convert the W2K3 server to a VM ? Presently, the Dell server Raid system is configured as follows: - 1 Raid1 partition made of 2 x 146Gb Scsi 15krpm for the RHEL OS partition - 1 Raid10 partition made of 6 x 300Gb Sisi 15krpm for the data partition of the mail server.

Should we make all drives as a Raid10 before installing Esxi ? 2x146 = RAID1 6x300GB = RAID5 Hot Spare or RAID10 Recommend running ESXi from USB drive ( aldanch: 1) Budget is kind of limited and these imaging products range from 300$ (Paragon, Platespin) to 600$ (Acronis), except dd which is free.

eytzz3wy3zg Simply burn the ISO to a CD and boot your server to it.

The more threads I read, the more I see problems with cloning LVM partitions (which is our case), with the cloning part working fine but the system not being able to boot after restoring the image, requiring troubleshooting and fixing boot/startup files.

I am having some problems adding a physical Citrix server to Analysis so I can Consolidate it to a VM.

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