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Her Cree name is Sky Dancer and refers to the Northern lights.At the age of 7 she was sent to Blue Quilts Residential School in St. She choose not to return home but to remain and attend high School.In 1975 she received the Vicky Metcalfe Award for her writingse Ryerse.

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The couple would have three sons and seven daughters.

Although she did not have much in the way of formal education, Amelia was well read in the literature of the time and she enjoyed corresponding with family members and keeping a diary. She would leave for the next generations a well written detailed portrait of wel-to-do 19 century family life. Christie arrived in British Columbia with her Irish family in 1908.

There was a poem to each of them and the Popes thank you said he noted the reference to him.

She has travelled across North America and foreign countries such as China discussing her work. She left home when she became a teacher but soon returned to teach near home.

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Trying to see over the TX border wall yesterday toward the tent city where hundreds of children who have been taken from their parents are being held.

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She went on to earn a Bachelor in Social Work from the University of Regina.

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