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Why is it so absurd fate, for what she had done so badly with us, our life, friendship, love?

Katusha, you were my revelation, my first and only love, my woman.

The guy without thinking twice sat in the back seat next to me.

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Nano particles and super hydrophobic spray actually says this is a reality - the hydrophobic aspect was around in the nineties - so essentially this was entirely feasible in 2000 - and most certainly is right now. v=k TRSzju KD3YI had a hard time watching Captain America.

v=7is6r6z XFDc Edit: However, there is one flaw in that technically you probably would not have to wash anything down as dirt would not be sticking to things that well...maybe, not sure. They portrayed the 40s as having a hovercar prototype and the bad guys used plasma cannons. Then the next movie comes out 70 years later and it looks very similar to what you see today. And a fucking super suit that can shoot repulsor blasts!

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