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I ported my local Toronto phone number to Vo in late 2011, and haven’t looked back since.

Because my SIP provider doesn’t support incoming SMS messages, texts often turn into voicemail messages featuring a text-to-speech robot.

In the future, I may switch away from Vo to another SIP provider that supports SMS, like Anveo.

Finally, for calling other i Phone owners, I use Facetime Audio.

It’s baked into i OS at the system level, the audio quality is very good, and it works well on both Wi Fi and cell data networks. Like I said, I don’t make a lot of voice calls on my i Phone, and for anyone who dials me, my phone number is the same as it’s been for years.

Most months, I pay ~$40/month (tax in) for 5GB of data, and that suits me just fine. Here’s how I got it all set up, and some of the workarounds I’ve found that make living data-only a little easier: To pull this off, I first needed a Nano SIM card for my i Phone.

Bell sells Nano SIMs off-contract for , but I’d heard that if you ask nicely, the Apple store gives them away for free.“.” This applies to anyone and everyone who is attending the game. It applies to the fans who are in the rest room or in line to get there. And we now know you have to stand proudly for the anthem or you shouldn’t be there. One year ago, I decided to take my i Phone data-only. The carriers don’t seem to offer data without voice. Most of the big carriers are happy to sell data-only plans for use with a data-only device, like a tablet, hotspot, or wireless modem.That said, it’s nice to know that in an emergency, I make a good old-fashioned telephone call. This is typical: Bell’s top flex plan tier gives me up to 5GB/month — way more than I’ve ever actually used (outside of the first two “unlimited” months, when I went crazy). Yes, tethering works just fine, with no additional charges.This is especially handy when Via Rail’s on-board Wi Fi just isn’t cutting it.I place and receive calls, and send texts to and from this number.

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