Celebrities dating nhl hockey players

Well, he is—to the gorgeous tennis player and fellow Russian Maria Kirilenko. First I wondered, wow, is the biggest looks mismatch in sports history? You might have seen Amy in Former American Idol contestant and current country music singer Kellie Pickler apparently dated Jordin Tootoo (former Predator, current Red Wing) for a brief period back in 2007.

I don’t think Ovie is really what most women would consider “handsome.” Then I wondered, where would Maria Kirilenko rank on a list of the all-time hottest NHL celebrity WAGs? And it’s a pretty good one, because despite hockey’s relatively minor status in the United States, hockey players still do really well with the ladies. She's lucky he didn't give her a concussion with a flying elbow to the head. Candace "DJ Tanner" Cameron married Valeri Bure back in 1996, and they're still together.

In fact, it seems she only dated the New York Rangers' Brad Richards for a few months back in 2011.

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Sadly, the two announced in 2012 that they are splitting up.

I guess Modano will have to find another gorgeous woman to serve as his arm candy at his Hall of Fame induction ceremony. And when pressed in an interview with Ryan Seacrest about why hot actresses are dating hockey players, she responded, "You have not seen a hockey player with his shirt off, obviously." So there you have it: Jarret Stoll must have the most amazing abs in human history.

So who was the lucky hockey player who got to date this beauty?

None other than the most hated man in the NHL: Sean Avery. Sean Avery isnt' the most hated man in the NHL–because right now he's in the AHL.

And after the Kings won the Cup, they were seen "hanging out" together in a hot tub.

So I say, yep, they "dated." Changing the subject now, how about that tattoo on her pelvis, huh?

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It's like a reminder to any hockey player she ever hooks up with, saying, "you'll never be as good as my dad." Yikes.

When Barbie Blank met boyfriend Sheldon Sourray, she was still better known by her WWE persona, Kelly Kelly.

Of course, now she's back to Barbie as she tries to focus on her modeling.

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