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Cats live in community rooms and they are able to watch bird feeder activity and nap in a favorite sunny spot.

We partner with other rescues and shelters when bringing pets to our rescue; we do not accept cats from the public.

Howie is available for adoption at the OARS Adoption Center, 810 S.

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After his hard youth, King Howard the Victorious deserves nothing but the best!

He has overcome so much; perhaps his royal title should be King Howard the Victorious, Conguerer of Hearts and Champion for the Defenseless.

At the recommendation of his vet, Howie has a couple common supplements added to his dinner. He is becoming more and more confident with strangers and wants nothing more than to be loved.

Howie has lived with kittens, who seemed to teach him how to play, and he has lived with a ‘cougar’ who is teaching him manners. Perhaps one with a big screen tv that plays bird videos and cat games 24/7.

This approach allows us to help organizations near capacity or those will a special kitty that may need more attention.

We are completely donation supported; all donations go towards food, supplies, medications and veterinary treatments for the homeless animals in our care.

We call him Howie, but King Howard the Victorious has certainly earned this royal title!

Howie has been through so much in his life, but he will certainly come out a champion when he meets his new family!

Howie came to OARS from an outdoor living situation, very thin, not eating much and acting ‘painful’.

He was taken to the vet, who said that this young fellow wasn’t much over 2 years old.

Get involved and be part of the difference for these pets – please visit Pip and Emma were only with me a for a little over 2 weeks, but it was love at first sight!

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